Our visual geniuses & tech mavens bring unparalleled artistry to live event streaming,
creating a platform for monetization through top-tier brand integration.


Why Live Stream?

Viewers of live event streams are the most valuable content consumers on the internet.  More than simply a video feed, live stream platforms allow viewers to actively participate, often engaging for hours in chat windows, switching camera angles, and getting a behind-the-scenes look.  Advertisers are eager to speak this eager audience, often partnering to brand content and power streams.  The combination of compelling content, top-tier brands, beautiful production, and an engaged audience creates a robust platform for monetization.


We Create Beautiful, Immersive Experiences

Lord Danger‘s visual artists bring the same artistry to live events that we use in commercial filmmaking, giving our streams unparalleled gloss & style.  More than simply “capturing the moment”, our directors, cinematographers, and visual effects artists create a completely unique, immersive experience in real-time.  In addition to beautiful visuals, Lord Danger integrates advertisers at a core level, branding one-of-a-kind experiences for viewers such as connecting with other fans, peering backstage with an all-access view, and chatting directly with artists.


We Have Friends in Distribution

It’s good to have friends.  Particularly ones at the world’s largest video streaming platforms.  Lord Danger has developed the relationships to ensure our clients’ content reaches a global audience via premium placements and effective traffic management.


We Are Geeks / Experts

Never satisfied with “just getting the job done”, we arm our team with state-of-the-art live streaming & imaging equipment.  Because we’re geeks and we like playing with the best toys.  But also because we promise clients the absolute best-looking and best-sounding stream possible.  Considering our team’s years of live streaming experience, this is a promise Lord Danger keeps.


We Add Value

Bonus time!  As Lord Danger is an agile boutique firm, we have the flexibility to provide clients bespoke packages to accompany their live event streams.  Creating micro-sites, providing photography services, consulting social media strategy, and cutting teaser videos are examples of the custom solutions Lord Danger can offer live streaming clients