With a different point of view.

a creative production studio


We doN'T exist TO fit in,

WE exist tO make YOU STAND out.

Born out of necessity, adventure, and the chutzpah to produce content in a different way; pretty much everything that Lord Danger has created has caused a stir. Lord Danger was built on the constantly shifting bedrock of the production industry, which means a bold entrepreneurial spirit and a “HELL YES” problem-solving stance are baked into their DNA, with a dedication to provocative creative ideas at its nucleus. We have an innate ability to create content with intrinsic value to the viewer and to the brand, creating work that people want to seek out and share.  

We are not a “something for everyone” type of company. We live comfortably on the edge of uncomfortability; we allure and provoke and entertain. We have curated a roster of talent with depth and range and provide a production strategy and experience that is original and smart. Not everyone fits here and not every brief fits us. That’s the point.